The wind accelerator makes the world more close

Optimize the network connection and protect privacy

Our product has the high quality accelerated nodes all over the world. It provides reliable speed up service for professionals, overseas business by encryption protocol to protect network and effectively strengthen personal privacy.

Support several platforms and use easily

Our product is compatible with all mainstream system platform. It has a special client software. The account is not restricted by platform and make it possible to a general account can be used to access to safe network in anytime and anywhere .

Stable server and refuse to flash back

The independent server comes from the world's top room with rich multi-protocol connection mode. It guarantees to can be used more stably.No delay, more carefree!

Perfect size and not occupy the CPU

The volume of client software is small and don't take the CPU usage of other processes. This makes you surf the Internet with infinite peace of mind and ensures the fluency of watcghing movies, shopping and playing games.